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animal Safety coordinator

The Animal Safety Coordinator maintains all animal-related records and sets veterinary appointments. They are also the liaison for fostered animals. Qualities and duties of the HBO Animal Safety Coordinator include: 


  • Know appropriate and related base regulations

  • Work with the Shelter Manager to ensure animal health

  • Work with Treasurer to ensure appropriate funds are being directed toward animal health 

  • File all appropriate paperwork regarding foster animal database, medications, vet appointments, etc.

  • Maintains data on fostered animals

  • Communicate openly with other Board members to brainstorm ideas to keep up with animals medications, databases, and welfare.

  • Good communication skills (both phone and interpersonal)

  • Proficient in varying computer skills such as, but not limited to, Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), Google E-mail, Facebook, Instagram.

  • Excellent organization

  • Comfortable with both cats and dogs of varying sizes and ages.


If you are interested in learning more please contact for more information on the position and elections.

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