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We are restricted from accepting stray animals from the public directly. Anyone who has knowledge of stray animals on base can contact Civil Engineering help desk:


so that the animal can be caught by Pest Control. They have the equipment necessary to safely capture stray animals and take them to the Veterinary Treatment Facility (VTF), please do not attempt to catch strays yourself. The VTF will then examine and provide any necessary care to the animal. If unclaimed during their stray hold period, the animal may then be transferred to Homeward Bound Osan for adoption.


The Veterinary Treatment Facility (VTF) cannot accept strays that are found off base. Homeward Bound Osan can only receive strays once they have been transferred to us by the VTF. Therefore, neither the VTF or Homeward Bound Osan can accept strays found off base.


0505 - 784 - 6226

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