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The Volunteer Coordinator is the voice of our volunteers. They give orientations, send email signups and reminders, maintain records of volunteers, and relay information between them and the Board. Qualities and duties of the HBO Volunteer Coordinator include: 


  • Know the constitution and by-laws of the organization

  • Know appropriate and related base regulations

  • Maintain volunteer and database

  • Conduct volunteer and key holder orientations

  • Determine the appropriate number of volunteers or fosters when asked by the Board for events

  • Communicate openly with other Executive Board members and volunteers to help operations run as smoothly as possible

  • Good communication skills ( both written and interpersonal)

  • Good leadership skills

  • Good public speaking skills

  • Proficient in varying computer skills such as, but not limited to, Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), Google E-mail, Facebook, Instagram.

  • Excellent organization


If you are interested in learning more please contact for more information on the position and elections.

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