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Homeward Bound Osan uses its 'Volunteer Handbook' and 'Shelter Procedures and Animal Care Manual' to aid the volunteers with rules and regulations within the facility. These packets are used to create a safe, clean, community that promotes the adoption of the animals in our care. Being a completely volunteer-run facility we rely on these packets to provide consistency, which is key for maintaining a healthy environment for our animals, volunteers, and customers.

Volunteer Handbook 2019 Edition

Shelter Procedures and Animal Care Manual 2019 Edition


I sent in my application, when can I start volunteering?


After your application has been received please wait for an invitation to our next available orientation date.


I sent in my application, why haven't I heard back yet?


Please give at least 3 days to wait for your invitation to our next available orientation. Also, check to make sure the correct email has been used as that will be how you receive all correspondence from Homeward Bound Osan. We recommend using a personal email, as a .mil email tends to fill quickly and is not as accessible. 


Can my child volunteer?


Children under the age of 16 are not permitted to volunteer at Homeward Bound Osan. However, there are many other ways to help our shelter and others! Monetary donations, toys, food, and supplies all help aid shelters around the world. 






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