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Sex: Female

Age:  1 years old

Breed: Pitbull-Mix

Personality:  Very friendly and playful.

Intact or Neutered/Spayed? Spayed

ONLY available for Pitbull experienced foster/adopter with no other pets at home! 


Sex: Female

Age:  3 years old

Breed: French Bulldog

Personality:  Professional cuddle bug who is very curious and adventurous. She DOES NOT LIKE OTHER DOGS, but she LOVES kids and adults

Intact or Neutered/Spayed? Spayed

Perfect for first time dog owners, MUST BE ONLY PET IN THE HOME!!


Sex: Male

Age:  4 years old

Breed: Corgi Mix

Personality:  Very friendly and playful, but I do guard my resources (food, toys, bed). If you offer me a treat, I am willing to trade. Bring me a tennis ball and play with me, we will be bestfriends! Just would prefer to not be around other dogs or kids, but that's because I want to give YOU all my attention. 

Intact or Neutered/Spayed? Neutered

ONLY available for experience dog owners with children older than 10 years.