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  • How has Luna helped and/or improved the 607th ASOG

    • Luna has improved every single member’s morale, she has provided joy, comfort, and a sense of family relationship especially for members who are away from family. 

    • Luna has been a wonderful addition to the ASOG family. Since she arrived, she has consistently boosted morale around the unit. Our initial concerns were ensuring that we would have enough volunteers to take care of her but that was immediately put to ease and she always has a place to stay as everyone has fallen in love with her. She quickly adapted to her new home and has been wonderful with everyone in the unit. She even has a few new dog friends that she gets along with really well.

  • How has the 607 ASOG as a whole or individually helped Luna

    • Luna receives 24/7 care

    • There have been a few individuals that have definitely stepped up in caring for and watching Luna. The most being TSgt Ackley, who has taken Luna fully into his home and family and watches her every night unless they are unable. At first Luna did not know many tricks and was slightly aggressive and had a food aggression. Now her food aggression is nearly gone! She has also learned a few tricks, is great off leash, and listens well to everyone

  • What do we love the most/see as the most beneficial part of having Luna 

    • Reduces stress

    • Less to suffer depression

    • Improves physical and mental health

    • Improves social anxiety

    • Luna brings a good atmosphere to the workplace. She goes from person to person boosting spirits and provides a nice break during the workday.

From an ASOG leadership perspective, Luna’s presence made a significant mark on the Group Staff’s morale.  We recognized Luna’s presence created a positive work environment for our members by alleviating stress levels, heightening focus, boosting productivity and increasing job satisfaction (despite working in cubicles).  Luna’s bright, happy demeanor encouraged our staff members to interact with her, such as petting her, playing fetch, and taking her outside for a walk during breaks.  Even having Luna in our meetings helped people relax and open up during discussions.  Luna also proved to be very family-friendly, therefore, our staff’s kids would sometimes hang out in the office and play with Luna, boosting morale for the whole family.  Additionally, staff members felt comfortable bringing in their own dogs, which boosted their morale and productivity while helping the dogs build healthy social interactions.  Given a dog like Luna, who is well-behaved, non-allergenic and good with children, it’s a no-brainer for other organizations to adopt a dog (as long as they have a good canine care plan) as their presence boosts morale, productivity and job satisfaction.



  LtCol Dustin Hansen


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